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What's the healing time for Microshading?

The day you get Microshading/Powder Brows done your brows will be slightly red, swollen and darker in color then what they will actually heal to be. The next few days they will appear dark and thick until your brows start the peeling/flaking process, usually around day 3. After the peeling/flaking process brows will appear extremely light, this is normally around days 10-14. Just remember to trust the process! The true color is 40-50% lighter and will shine through after about a 2 weeks to a month.

If there's anything that didn't heal properly or you want a darker color, which is a common request, we can address it at the 5-8 week touch-up that is included with your initial service. Healing time is the same after touch-ups so make sure to plan ahead!

Below is an example of the healing process though results may very depending on pre-care/aftercare. Please check out our pre/post care section for more details!

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