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What should I expect during my massage?

We get so many new guests coming in for their first professional massage and we think that's great! To help prepare you for your service we put together a run down of what to expect:

After filling out paperwork you and your Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) will discuss areas of concern and what to expect out of the treatment before you get started. After your consultation your Therapist will step out of the room so you can get undressed to your comfort level* and get cozy under the sheet and blanket.

During the massage your Therapist will use a combination of relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques using our aromatic massage oil to help loosen muscle tension and ease stress.

After your service is complete your LMT will step out of the room so you can re-dress. Afterwards you and your LMT can discuss treatment and stretch recommendations.

*Whats "undress to comfort level" mean?

This is different per person and comfort level. You will be modestly draped during the entire treatment so it's up to you! Your LMT will not massage over an area that is clothed. For example if you wear your bra during your massage your LMT will be going around it the entire treatment (not massaging underneath it).

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