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Microshading/ Powder Brows

Microshading is the use of an electronic tattoo pen to insert tiny dots of pigment into the skin. After mapping and lightly outlining your brows we apply a numbing agent to keep you as comfortable as possible. We will discuss aftercare, answer any questions you may have and send you home with everything you'll need to take care of your new brows!

Our experienced LMT will help ease your tensions with our customizable massages, aromatic massage oil and a therapeutic touch. We aim to ease tension and stress while bringing relaxation to the body and mind. 


Micro-needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, is the use of little TINY needles to make very small pricks in the skin. This helps the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. It's been used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne/pitted scars, and dull skin. Clients are numbed for comfort. 


Brow Henna

Supercilium Brow Henna is made of the finest selected henna from India (ethically sourced). This Henna stains the skin for 1-2 weeks and the brow hairs for up to 6 weeks.

If you have sensitive skin or you have ever had a reaction to henna/dyes we recommend coming in for a patch test before booking this service.

Come experience the difference a high quality wax can make. Our wax is free of parabens, bees wax and plastic and is vegan friendly. 



Dermaplaning is the use of a surgical grade scalpel to exfoliate the skin. It removes up to 3 weeks worth of dead skin cells, peach fuzz, product/makeup build-up and increases product absorption. 

There is no peeling/downtime or pain involved and make-up can be worn the next day. 

Can be done alone or add on a Hydro-Jelly Mask to make it a complete facial!


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