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Post-care for Permanent Make-up

I text all of my guests their aftercare instructions. I go over your aftercare verbally with you after we finish but I know it's a lot to remember after such an exciting service so I always text it to my guests as well. If for some mysterious reason you accidentally delete, misplace, somehow didn't receive or you're just curious what aftercare for this service will look like I've attached it at the bottom of this post as well.

This is how micro-shading normally heals;

1st Day

I numb your brows during treatment so generally they are numb for 1-2 hours post service. After that they may feel sensitive, sore or tight, think like getting a tattoo or getting a sunburn (if you've never had a tattoo). I'll give you specific instructions for how to take care of your brows for the rest of the week.

2nd-3rd Days

Brows will look DARK in color but still have a nice shape.

3rd-7th Days

Peeling and flaking normally starts around day 3-4 and continues until around day 7. This process may be shorter or longer depending on how your body heals. Brows will look patchy and color will appear uneven.

8th-10th Day

Normally somewhere between the 8th and 10th day brows will appear EXTREMELY light like you didn't hold any pigment. Be patient while the skin heals and the color will re-emerge around day 14.

We include a 5-8 week touch-up after your initial session and the same aftercare applies.

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