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Pre-care for Permanent Make-up

​To get the most out of your treatment with us there are a few things we recommend before your appointment:

  • generally be in good health, your body needs to heal after a tattoo.

  • DO NOT come in sick.

  • no severe acne

  • cannot be pregnant or nursing

  • no previous brow tattoo (w/o previous approval)

  • diabetes (A1C <8%)

  • no alcohol the night before

  • avoid caffeine morning of

  • no blood thinners (including omegas/ fish oils for 3 days prior)

  • No brow tint, henna or wax 1 week beforehand

  • no tanning for 1 week prior, no sunburns

  • no botox or facials 2 weeks beforehand

  • stop brow enhancing serums and AHA's 2 weeks beforehand

  • stop Retin-A 4 weeks beforehand

  • No Accutane for 1 year prior

Proper pre-care helps with the healing process and I HIGHLY recommend following the pre/post care I provide to ensure the best results.

If there's anything you have questions about please reach out to me by text or email.


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